Concrete placement is the perfect way to move safely and effectively around your land or property. With Michigan’s weather, it can be difficult to maintain the quality of the concrete. In order to achieve a long pour life, we can determine a pour’s longevity by many factors. Pouring a pad is a very tedious process. First, you must contact your local building department to determine whether you will need a permit and how close you are allowed to pour from the lot lines. Next, your local utility services must locate and mark all buried pipes and wires. Once the pipes and wires are marked, the concrete pad is ready to be prepped.

Preparing the job site for concrete is the most important part. Our team builds our pads on solid, well-drained soil, which will reduce the chance of cracking and movement over time. Each prep is graded and compacted evenly to allow for a smooth pour. We will gradually mix the grade until it has reached the perfect consistency. We then pour it with precise, and careful measurement, smoothed to perfection. Because of this, the pour will last longer and reduce the chance of heaving and erosion. Our straight, smooth cuts will leave your pour looking clean and professional!

Has your concrete pad cracked over time? Fear no more! Top Notch will repair your concrete timely and effectively. Our team will carefully assess what is broken and fix it in the best way possible! If you are looking to pour a driveway, patio, or walkway, Top Notch has you covered! Schedule an appointment with us today to get your placement and repairs completed!

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