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In any type of construction, the excavation and grading of the foundation is a critical factor. Ultimately, not every piece of land is perfectly ready for construction. Before any site work is to be done, it needs to be reworked with the proper excavation and grading services. Without the proper excavation services, the foundation of the road or structure could collapse. Before laying concrete or asphalt, the site must clear and leveled. Excavation and grading involves removing any materials or obstacles that may cause a change of shape in the surface. We will remove any stumps, debris, or boulders that are affecting the shape of your property’s surface and make sure it is perfectly level for your concrete, asphalt, or soon to be structure. If the surface level of the ground is uneven, it will cause unnecessary damage to the job site.

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Top Notch offers many excavation services, such as culvert installations, trenching and digging, levelling, resurfacing, tree removal, land clearing, and more! We will dig and insert your culverts and make sure they do not move over time. Let Top Notch Outdoor Solutions grade and excavate your land to the most even surface level possible! Our team works hard to ensure customer satisfaction on all of our jobs. Give us a call today to rework and level the surface of your ground!

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