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Land Clearing services is another great service offered by Top Notch Outdoor Solutions. When you are looking to build a home or a business, having the proper services to clear land is very important. Located in New Haven, Michigan, Top Notch Outdoor Solutions has all of the right land and lot clearing solutions for you! Whether it is land clearing, stump grinding, or tree removal, Top Notch Outdoors has everything you will need!

Depending on the size of your land, lot, or property, clearing out land can be a very lengthy process. There are several methods of clearing land, such as dozing, burning, hand clearing, brush hogging, and mulching. Soil composition is also another important factor on determining the best method to clear the lot or land. If the ground has become too wet, it will be very difficult to till up the soil. The soil would have to dry up before it can be tilled. Our land clearing team at Top Notch has all of the equipment and tools to make sure your land and lot clearing gets done in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Tree removal and stump grinding is another land clearing service Top Notch provides to our customers. Whether you need some trees removed on your property, brush cleared, or land cleared in general, Top Notch has you covered! Top Notch Outdoor Solutions offers affordable land clearing services to customers in the Blue Water Area. Check out our work below! Give us a call to request a free land clearing quote today!

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